The Anglo Zulu War

As promised we have South African battlefield guide, speaker and storyteller Rob Caskie as a guest to chat with us about the Anglo Zulu War. Rob is an internationally recognized expert on this and a great many other battles and conflicts associated with early South African history. Rob’s website is, and here you can find the dates and venues… Read more →

The Day that Livingstone Lost his Head

The John Chilembwe Uprising was a a ‘Native Revolt’, in the terminology of the times, that took place in the British Protectorate of Nyasaland in January, 1915. Militarily, the uprising was insignificant, but in terms of its symbolism to the wider African Liberation Movement, it was monumental. There had, of course, been a great many uprisings and rebellions across the… Read more →

The Universities Mission to Central Africa: The First Humanitarian Intervention

This Episode tells the story of the Universities Mission to Central Africa, an initiative primarily of Cambridge and Oxford Universities to enter the un-mapped regions of Central Africa to put into effect the great civilising mission of Doctor David Livingstone. It is a cautionary tale very relevant to modern politics and humanitarian adventure, and misadventure. The action takes place for… Read more →